Membership application and renewal has been temporarily suspended due to the problem we are having with finding board members to fill our vacant Club Officer positions. 



This is an update to a couple of issues that require urgent attention.  We still have not finalized these Club officer positions:

  • The President prepares the newsletters and meeting slides, runs the meetings, chairs the Board, and is the face of the Club
  • The Tech Director stores, sets up, and operates the audiovisual equipment at every in-person meeting. An important aspect of this job is that he/she must be present at every in-person meeting to perform those functions, or finds a substitute.
  • The Program Director positions coordinates the Program Committee, finding and booking speakers and creating the programs and meeting agendas, e.g., the Challenges and Showcases.
  • The Field Trip Director finds venues for field trips and communicates that with the club. They provide information to the President for the meeting slides and newsletters.

Our current Tech Director, Jim Field, has volunteered to be President if we can backfill his position, but so far no one has come forward. 

These are 4 key positions that MUST be filled for DPCA to continue operating.

We have also had one suggestion to try job sharing.  I don’t have any objection to that if it means keeping the club operational.  Please give some thought to helping our Club by volunteering! 

Click here to send an email to Dallas Wright about volunteering for one of the open positions.

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