Our Interests & Activities

Visitors from beginners to pros are welcome at meetings.



  • Take photos
  • Learn to choose and use digital cameras and tools
  • Find interesting places and ways to take photos
  • Organize our photos
  • Learn to use digital photo editors
  • Restore old photos
  • Create visual effects on photos
  • Convert prints, slides, and negatives to digital photos
  • Make great prints
  • Display our photos
  • Share out photos online and on CDs and DVDs
  • Guest speakers show us engaging photos and how to try new tools and ideas
  • We hold round table discussions to share ideas, problems, and solutions
  • Quick demonstrations give us useful digital photo tips
  • Members' showcases let us show our own experiments and achievements in a cooperative - not competitive - atmosphere
  • Challenges give us a theme to shoot on and expert feedback
  • We share day-trip encounters for interesting shooting
  • We build a members' network to share photos and explore useful resources
  • Find classes

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